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DofE Leader Support

DofE Leader Support

DofE Advice

See the Scout webpages on the DofE award here, the DofE website here and the participant support page here. eDofE support is available here.

If you cannot find an answer to your query, you should contact your District DofE Adviser (contact here).

Process Guides


Enrolling new participants

This is handled by County - see the information here. Explorer Leaders do not need to do anything. Network Leaders only need to ensure that the participant is registered with a GLSW Network on Compass.

Moving participants to a new unit (including Explorers to Network)

If they are moving to another unit in the same district, contact your District DofE Adviser (contact here).
If they are moving to another district, contact the County DofE Adviser (contact here)

Participants leaving Scouting

If a young person leaves Scouting, their eDofE account needs to be archived. It is good practice to make sure the young person has their eDofE ID number so that they can move their account to a new DofE centre.


Adding a leader to your unit on eDofE

Contact the County DofE Adviser (contact here) giving the leader's name and Scout Membership number. The leader will need to hold a full Scout appointment relevant to your unit and will need to complete the DofE e-induction training.

Removing a leader from your unit on eDofE

Contact the County DofE Adviser (contact here) giving the leader's name. If the leader is no longer involved in Scouting, please say so as their eDofE account will need to be archived.

Award Approval & Certificates

Approving sections

This should be done by leaders in each section. Please only approve sections that fulfil the requirements for the section.

Verification of awards (final approval)

Bronze and Silver Awards will usually be verified by the County DofE Adviser. Gold Awards are verified by Scout HQ. Award verifiers are required to uphold the standards of the DofE Award and so will not verify an award unless it fulfils the requirements of the DofE.

If an award does not meet the requirements, it will be queried and the award verifier will leave a comment explaining why it cannot be verified. Contact the County DofE Adviser (contact here) if you are not sure what needs to be done to fix any issues.

Badges & Certificates

Pin badges and uniform badges are issued by County for all DofE Awards. Certificates for Bronze and Silver awards are issued by County. Certificates for Gold awards are presented at Gold Award Presentation events organised by the DofE (usually at St James's Palace).

Badges and certificates for local presentations are usually sent out to District DofE Advisers every few months. Local presentations should be arranged with them. If you have a special occasion coming up and need badges/certificates to arrive in time to be presented at that, please contact the County DofE Adviser (contact here) with plenty of notice.

DofE Expedition Assessors/Supervisors

Qualifying as an Expedition Assessor/Supervisor

To become an accredited Expedition Assessor and Supervisor, you need to:

  1. Complete the e-induction and Expedition introduction online training
  2. Attend an Expedition Assessor and Supervisor Training Course (EASTC) - these are run by the Scouts and the DofE regularly.
  3. Complete the EASTC post-course knowledge check (under "My Training" on eDofE)
  4. Register with the Scout Association (see below)

You should let the County DofE Adviser (contact here) know if you are planning to become accredited.

Registering with the Scout Association

To be able to assess for the Scouts, you need to hold a full Scout role including a DBS check (Occasional Helper roles are not sufficient). You also need to demonstrate sufficient technical competence in order to support young people on their expeditions. This requirement can be demonstrated by:

  • Having a Scout permit in the relevant mode of travel
  • Holding an NGB qualification in the relevant mode of travel
  • Providing a letter from the County DofE Adviser (if you need a letter, please email giving your Scout Membership number and details of your relevant experience and qualifications)

If you have everything you need, you should inform the County DofE Adviser (contact here) and then complete this form. Assessor affiliations are handled by the Scouts HQ and are usually valid for 5 years. Once you receive the email stating you are registered, you should complete the rest of your assessor details on eDofE.

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