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Beaver Scouts

Try new things. Make new friends. Joining Beavers is just the beginning of your big adventure.

Beavers welcome young people aged 6-8 years old. To find your closest Beaver Colony, use the Group Finder here.


The Beaver Scout Motto is:

Be Prepared!

The Assistant County Commissioner for Beavers is Tana Danielson

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Beavers Uniform 

and Badge Placement

You don't need a uniform to join. But once you've settled in, you'll start speedily earning badges, and you'll need to know where to put them!


Beaver Leaders

All of our leaders are trained volunteers, working to make sure Scouting is safe and open to all. Some lead the Colony week in and week out. Others visit occasionally to help run a session or drop in to share their skills. No matter how much time you have to spare, find out about volunteering on your own terms.

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