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Volunteering goes both ways. It's good for them, and it's good for you.

We all want young people to have the chance to dream big, give it a go, and build skills for life.

But it’s not just the young people who benefit from Scouts.

Volunteering is good for boosting your wellbeing, developing CV-friendly skills, making friends and building memories.

Whether you want to support young people or if you’re more comfortable planning an adventure from the sidelines, we’ve got space for you.


Working with young people not your thing?

Volunteer in a way that's good for you.

We’re looking for people to make an impact behind the scenes.

Tell us what you’re interested in, and we’ll help you find something that matches your skills (and the time you have available).

We'd love to give you the chance to try out different things, meet the team, and see what support's on offer before you decide whether to be involved.

You’ll learn career-friendly skills, boost your wellbeing, and make new friends. Because volunteering at Scouts is a two-way street – good for young people, and good for you too.


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What's coming up

County Explorer Mountaineering Weekend
28th October 2021, 17:00 -
31st October 2021, 14:00

'Operation Red Flare' (Explorer night hike) - Boidier Hurst
27th - 28th November 2021

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Bronze Group 8
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Day 1 lunch at High Ashurst
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