Peak is a training SASU to train Leaders to take young people hillwalking, additionally Peak will support groups and sections to facilitate hillwalking activities.

The core membership of the Unit will be

(1)     adults who hold appropriate NGB qualifications and are appointed as County Assessors for hillwalking and/or climbing in either GLSW or Surrey; and

(2)     adults who themselves hold relevant adventurous activity permits and are sufficiently experienced and competent (as ascertained by the Manager(s), with advice from the Steering Group where required) to be able to train other adults and to assist County Assessors in undertaking assessments.

Membership will also be considered (at the invitation and/or discretion of the Manager(s)) for individuals who are sufficiently experienced and are willing to provide practical support to the running of training courses as part of their own development but do not necessarily meet the criteria above.

All members of the Unit will need to undertake appropriate personal enquiries and provide references, if not already members of either GLSW or Surrey.

Whilst the Unit has been established as part of GLSW, that is for administrative purposes only and it is intended to be a joint GLSW and Surrey Active Support Unit. Membership of the Unit is therefore open to any adult from GLSW and/or from Surrey, and also to adults from other parts of the United Kingdom who wish to contribute towards its objectives.

For details about the courses Peak run please navigate here