International Scouting is core to who we are at GLSW in providing our Scouts experiences that engage them with Scouting communities across the world.

To achieve this we are working within the 3 pillars of our county:


Through a GLSW County initiative we will be connecting individuals with enthusiasm and experience together to support the potential for more international experiences both at home and abroad for our young people.


Whether in your weekly programme or while travelling abroad, there are lots of opportunities for our Scouts to engage with international Scouting.

International Activities

  • If you’re looking to take your own Scout section abroad there is some great advice available online which also details the whole process from coming up with the idea to getting back home.
    The sooner you get in touch with us the sooner we can help you make sure you have everything ready to go. Email us at
  • While this is a developing prospect, we are looking to provide more young people with international experiences organised by the County. Stay tuned for more news.
  • The World Organisation of the Scout Movement (WOSM) organises a number of regular events aimed at connecting young people from around the world in one place.

Explorer Belt

Working with Surrey Scouts, GLSW are running regular Explorer Belt expeditions.
The Explorer Belt is one of Scouting’s Top Awards which takes you on an international expedition to experience and learn about another culture by engaging with local communities.
Read more about our Explorer Belt 2022 trip.

World Scout Jamboree (WSJ)

The 25th WSJ is to be held in South Korea in 2023.
Learn more on our Jamboree pages

What is a World Scout Jamboree – Every four years a host country coordinates the attendance of almost 200 Scouting nations making up around 40,000 young people to spend up to two weeks on one Jamboree site.

Leader Training

Module 19: International

As part of a Section Leader’s training we provide a module of training to provide a global focus for their section and the international nature and opportunities that are a part of Scouting.

Communications and Technology:

With our world and our programme embracing technology, we are provided a unique opportunity to engage with Scouts internationally in the same way we have our own members. As this plan develops the County will continue to share materials, resources and ideas with our Scout Districts and Scout Groups.

In the meantime, the long-standing annual event JOTA/JOTI supports Scouts of all ages to connect online and via radio communication to connect and share their Scouting experiences. The next JOTA/JOTI will be held from 15th to 17th October 2021.