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Most Common Problems 

These problems are the most common issues that lead to awards being queried. Try to avoid them!

Volunteering, Physical & Skills sections

  • Your three main sections must average at least 1 hour per week (you need evidence of this – usually in the assessor report)
  • The first and last sessions for each section must be the correct duration apart (3, 6, 12 or 18 months)
  • Your Assessor cannot be a family member (family friends are allowed)
  • Make sure the Assessor’s details on the report match those in the programme planner
  • The three sections should be distinct (e.g. you shouldn’t use football for physical and football coaching for skills)


  • You cannot volunteer for a business (non-profits & charities are ok)
  • You cannot be paid for your volunteering (except expenses)
  • You cannot use fundraising for this section if you will benefit from the money raised


  • You must be doing the activity yourself – coaching is either a skill or volunteering
  • You cannot use your PE lessons at school for this section (you can use school clubs as long as they are outside the normal timetable)


  • You cannot use any activity that is a physical activity. This includes most, but not all, sports.
  • You can use academic study for a GCSE or similar for this section, but it must not be part of your normal school timetable

Residential (Gold only)

See this checklist to ensure that your activity will count.


You must meet the 20 conditions of the section. Your expedition assessor will make sure you do this.